We are pleased to announce and to invite the GPCR community to unite again at the GLISTEN Symposium in Porto, Portugal, on 29-31 March 2017. Registration opens on 30 November 2016.

The symposium will provide a platform to share key advances and promote scientific collaboration. We assembled leading experts to discuss the biology of GPCRs in physiological and pathological conditions.

Four main topics will be covered by the invited speakers, selected from a variety of GPCR fields: GPCR signaling (Adhesion GPCRs, mechanosentive GPCRs, voltage-dependence of GPCRs), Luminescence-based methods for the determination of multiple GPCR signaling, GPCR signaling in diseases and clinical implications (inflammation, Vasculature), and Drug design for GPCR targeting. The scientific program will also include short oral presentations and poster sessions.

For attendees who are contributing to one of the projects, a GPCRdb and GPCRmd joint satellite meeting will be organised (held on March 29). This satellite meeting will give opportunity for all contributors to give updates on their work on GPCRdb/md. We will discuss core joint projects/data, and coordinate future activities. For more information contact david.gloriam@sund.ku.dk (GPCRdb) or jana.selent@upf.edu (GPCRmd). Registration opens on 30 November 2016.

We look forward to your participation and hope that you will contribute to the scientific program by submitting your abstracts for oral or poster presentations.

With best wishes and hoping to see you in Porto!

Meriem Lamghari