Dear GLISTENers,

Now it’s here: the final meeting in what was – to our mind – an outstanding series of events. In the past four years, the GLISTEN community has grown into a strong scientific network that has started a numbe of international and interdisciplinary research collaborations and joint grant applications. And at least the two of us learned a lot about all the amazing GPCR science that is going on all over Europe.

We thank all the people who have contributed to the excitement and excellence over the past four years: the outstanding speakers, the Working Group leaders, the meeting organizers, the researchers who have performed, sent out, and hosted Short-Term Scientific Missions, the Management Committee members, the spectacular admin team – in short, all of you.

We are convinced that this spirit will continue into the future and we sincerely hope that we will reunite under a new umbrella in the not-too-distant future.

Enjoy this meeting! Meriem and her team have come up with a fantastic speaker list and put together a program that will allow us to, once again, have exchanges about science, but also celebrate our strong community.

See you in Porto,

Chris and Peter